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Can Election Results Predict the Market? It May Be Time for a Financial Checkup

At AERIE, with everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo~ We believe in thinking differently! Talk with me about how we do this~ As your independent financial advisor, I am passionate about changing your experience of financial, trust, and estate planning and custom wealth services. As founder, I believe that everyone has the right to excellent advice and help preserving their financial legacy and future. Since inception, AERIE has been on a mission to change the way you think and feel about your wealth building process. Transparency and Trust are the way we develop lasting relationships with our clients ~ and you will realize the benefits of that many times over working with me! LISTEN. UNDERSTAND. EDUCATE. ANALYZE. ADVISE. PRESERVE. GROW...words that describe how we work with you. Quite simply, we help you coordinate your retirement account with the rest of your assets to help increase growth while helping you preserve and coordinate tax efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation. We are dedicated to assistance with retirement plans from 401k to Roth IRAs and everything in between, with experience helping business owners and executives find tax efficient strategies for retirement investing.

While there are many good financial advisors and planners to choose from, Laurie Ellis- McLeod has a unique set of qualifications that you will quickly appreciate as an individual client or small to medium sized business owner. As an independent advisor, Laurie specializes in working with executives, businesss owners, women, and seniors, to educate and empower~ She's able to offer an impressive variety of options without the burden of satisfying a particular company's interests. Locally owned and with access to a wide range of financial products and services, AERIE brings together the best of both worlds.

Laurie was born in Madison and raised in Minneapolis where she received her B.S. at the University of Minnesota. Her studies then took her to the east coast for ten years. In 1994, she completed her M.A. in Urban Affairs, and received her Ph.D. in Human Development & Family Studies from University of DE. Laurie currently holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and RFC designation. Today her passion for advising grows out of advocacy work and prior research and teaching about family relationships and what makes them successful. In 2001 she returned with her family to live in the Madison area. Laurie combines her education, experience, and Midwestern values with sound financial planning principles to help clients develop their own plans for success, and protection as well as retirement plans for businesses. The process starts simply by assessing your current situation and identifying your goals, without sales pressure or product hype. Laurie provides comprehensive advice that helps you increase your opportunities while mitigating risks.

At AERIE, as your Independent Advisor, I want to make a positive difference in your life by helping you make informed decisions about your money so that you can pursue your goals, avoid costly mistakes, and fulfill your personal values. Start today! EXPERIENCE THE AERIE DIFFERENCE~

"Your Financial Future

~ Your Life's Legacy."

Proud Member of The National Ethics Association 

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client.

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Educational Seminars Regularly Offered:

Retirement Basics for Everyone
Investment Fundamentals
Social Security and How to Optimize Your Benefit

Estate Planning and Your Finances
How Secure is Your Nest Egg In The New Retirement?
Retirement Essentials for Women
Your Retirement $ Are Not Stuck For Life
Girl$ Just Want To Have Fund$

Conference Teaching:
Smart Money Women Conference 2014, Madison WI

Regular Presentations at UW-Madison, area Assisted Living and Independent Living Communities, Madison Area Libraries, Dane Co area Senior Centers.

Please Contact Us to plan your next Educational Financial Seminar! (608.556.5411)


We create strategies tailored to your goals.

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Without obligation to any specific company we put your needs first. We work for you.

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We enjoy building trusted relationships that span generations.

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We are licensed to sell Insurance Products in the following states:
Illinois, Wisconsin.

We are registered to sell Securities in the following states:
Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin.

Intern Reflections

"Establishing trust and confidence is imperative in this industry and are the values sought-out most by the best financial institutions. Laurie embodies these qualities and learning these skills at AERIE Preferred is what subsequently landed me my position in investment banking" -Andrew Hipke, former intern at AERIE

"What struck me most about my experiences at AERIE was the hours in relationship development with other professionals and clients. Anyone I spoke to had high regards for Laurie and knew she cared about them and their financial well-being" -Matthew Petrosky, former intern at AERIE

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