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Focus is on YOU and YOUR choices rather than products.

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The highest standard of care equates to undivided loyalty, happiness and successful clients.

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Your goals are our priority and help map the path to your SUCCESS!

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We specialize in high-touch clients and customized service for YOU. Our TOTAL CARE PROCESS© guides the experience!

AERIE Preferred Financial Group - Our Focus is YOU

AERIE Preferred Financial Group - Our Focus is YOU

We create road maps for people like you, so you can feel confident and know that you are on track to grow your wealth, retire, or enjoy your retirement. As your Fiduciary Financial Partner, we specialize in holistic wealth planning, dedicated to helping you create what you truly need and value.  With key steps, we help you make sure that things play out the way you want them to during your life and beyond.  

Our womb-to-tomb Total Care Process drives how we work with you.  Personal, custom strategies can focus on wealth preservation, tax strategy, growth, maximizing retirement income, family transitions, and everything in between.  We love creating long term care solutions together with legacy planning!  We offer high-touch, financial services, for people just like you. Our fee-based and flat-fee options cater to your unique needs.  Clear, straight-forward, experienced, expert advice and step by step guidance are waiting for you.

Our goal for you, whether investing, planning, or both, is to feel confident and able to enjoy life and happily spend your time doing the things that matter to YOU!

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