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Company Philosophy

AERIE's Company Philosophy:

AERIE is organized to change the way you think and feel about your wealth building plan for financial freedom. Transparency and Trust are the way we develop lasting relationships with our clients ~ and you will realize the benefits of that many times over working with us at AERIE.  Doing what's best for the client is what we are all about and builds lasting relationships over a lifetime of wonder and undoubtedly, surprises.

Deciding to start this firm rather than to pursue a promising career with a larger, well known financial firm epitomizes the company’s philosophy – we innately value the close personal ongoing relationships we develop through integrity, honesty, fairness, caring and trust. Our clients are family ~ and we make sure they are protected and help create every opportunity for positive growth ~ we want you to flourish!

AERIE Preferred Financial Group was organized to provide exemplary financial, retirement, insurance, and planning services to small businesses and individuals throughout the United States. We specialize in women's and older adults' needs such as Long Term Care options and insurance, financial options for elder care services, and preserving retirement assets for those nearing, or already retired. We are leaders in providing independent solutions to you, our clients.

An Aerie is a nest for large birds of prey, especially eagles. At Aerie Preferred, we strive to be your financial Aerie: A safe haven for you and your family. Aeries are typically located high above the ground, on cliffs or tall trees, providing a spectacular view of the surroundings. AERIE's company purpose is to provide our clients with a "bird's eye view" of their financial situation, providing them with insights they would otherwise miss. AERIE Preferred- your financial aerie- constantly makes sure our clients have a safe, sturdy nest that will withstand the elements of risk in their financial futures. 

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Through our participation in technical conferences related to specific industries, state and national associations, regularly presenting for the State Bar Association of Wisconsin, our membership in the CFLCW (Collaborative Family Law Council Wisconsin), WMC (Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce) and DMI (Downtown Madison Inc)), and our commitment to you, our clients, in assisting with complex business matters, we believe our experience and outstanding service positions us to uniquely respond to your needs.

Educational Seminars Regularly Offered:

Retirement Basics for Everyone
Investment Fundamentals
Social Security and How to Optimize Your Benefit

Estate Planning and Your Finances
How Secure is Your Nest Egg In The New Retirement?
Retirement Essentials for Women
Your Retirement $ Are Not Stuck For Life
Girl$ Just Want To Have Fund$

Conference Teaching:
Smart Money Women Conference 2014, Madison WI

Regular Presentations at UW-Madison, area Assisted Living and Independent Living Communities, Madison Area Libraries, Dane Co area Senior Centers.

Please Contact Us to plan your next Educational Financial Seminar! (608.556.5411)

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