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Intern Reflections

"Laurie is a financial professional that truly cares about clients' best interests. While working at AERIE, I gained a well-rounded understanding of the financial market and also the value of integrity, patience, and knowledge needed in working with clients. Working with other interns and Laurie, (and can't forget Prince) gave me a new appreciation of the field of financial advising."  - Darion Allen, former intern at AERIE.

"The internship experience at AERIE is a valuable asset to me. It not only helped me develop a better understanding of financial markets but also helped me develop my professional skills and communication skills, which are very essential for my future work. I really suggest every student who wants to do relevant work in this field should try this great opportunity of working at AERIE if you have the chance."  - Rick Su, former intern at AERIE

"My experience in AERIE PFG was extremely valuable! I was introduced to financial planning software, analyzing sample annuities, IRA, and 401 (k) contracts. In addition, listening to clients' meetings with Laurie also helped me better understand the emotional component of clients' risk tolerances, which is essential for financial planning. I was able to leverage my experience at AERIE in interviews and received full-time offers from a wholesale bank and an investment management firm. To new interns, don't forget to ASK questions during internship! Laurie is super knowledgeable and enjoys explaining how your questions relate to life and her business!"  - Thomas Morton, former intern at AERIE.

"In order to make your experience the most there, having a consistent schedule is very valuable. This can make your everyday experience here enough to make great progress on the current open intern projects. Working at AERIE is a great opportunity for new professionals who just graduated or are still studying in college. You will gain real practice in financial planning and many other tasks in this industry. As a new intern, you should take advantage of Laurie's professionalism and enthusiasm in order to make your biggest growth."    - Ray Zeng, former intern at AERIE.

"Interning at AERIE Preferred Financial Group was a valuable and rewarding experience. My internship has given me the opportunity to see so much more about the Wealth Management and Financial Planning field than what I am able to learn in the classroom and gain hands-on experience in maintaining a financial statement for both budgeting and tax purpose. The supportive environment Laurie created within the organization helped me grow both personally and professionally." - Yudan Ding, former intern at AERIE.

"I would like to say thank you so much for everything you have done to teach me about your career and the financial planning industry overall. This was the perfect first step of my career and I couldn’t thank you enough for that…. you did an amazing job of answering any questions I had and going deep into explanation with your answers so I learned more than I was expecting. You also gave me exposure to all the different aspects of the career (accounting, marketing, account paperwork, online software, etc.) which was great experience that I am sure to use in my career." - Emily Samuels, former intern at AERIE.

"Establishing trust and confidence is imperative in this industry and are the values sought-out most by the best financial institutions. Laurie embodies these qualities and learning these skills at AERIE Preferred is what subsequently landed me my position in investment banking" - Andrew Hipke, former intern at AERIE.

"What struck me most about my experiences at AERIE was the hours in relationship development with other professionals and clients. Anyone I spoke to had high regards for Laurie and knew she cared about them and their overall well-being" - Matthew Petrosky, former intern at AERIE.

"My internship experience at AERIE Preferred Financial Group was an excellent opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Laurie provided me with a tailored approach to learning about the industry, her business practices, and allowing my experience to match my interests within the financial planning industry. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to share her insights about this line of work. I am beyond grateful for this experience and would recommend Laurie to any student seeking an internship experience with an advisor with integrity, values, and trust." - Bennett DeBouche, former intern at AERIE.

"I was able to land a position with a lending company as a credit analyst! I also passed two sections of the CPA exam in the past half year, and I'm looking to pass the next two by October! After that, I am looking to take the CFA! I see many great opportunities ahead of me, and it all happened because of my internship with AERIE which gave me a lot to talk about during interviews!  Thank you so much for helping!  I look forward to catching up more often!" - Shuhan, former intern at AERIE

"Overall, I had an amazing experience being an intern at AERIE PFG. This internship was an extremely beneficial and helpful experience that showed me the various aspects of financial planning. Laurie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful when providing insights on financial planning & business, as a whole. I am extremely grateful for all of Laurie's help and knowledge she gave me, especially helping me to grow as a person and discover my passions." - Hunter Beaudry, former intern at AERIE

"I worked as a summer intern at AERIE Preferred Financial June-August 2016. I cannot thank Laurie enough for giving me an excellent opportunity to learn about wealth management and financial planning. Her guidance and knowledge helped me understand the intricate world of finance.  As an intern I was exposed to many aspects of financial planning, investment instruments, retirement planning, and insurance. I saw the various linkages between financial institutions and the regulations that govern each.  Laurie is an excellent mentor, who’s philosophy of financial planning is focused on the importance of client communication and environment of honest expectations with each client.  I would suggest to any future intern to use this opportunity to inquire and explore each facet of the firms work. It is seldom that an organization offers a chance to learn such diverse skills, from accounting, and financial planning to marketing and client relationship management."  - Asawari Sathe, former intern at AERIE, current Vanguard Senior Economist (2022)

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